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Gerran Q. Hill (GQ Hill) | TREC: 743193 | TREC PI 24780

As a teen and native Houstonian, my family would often take weekend trips to view and analyze properties throughout town. We did it so well, in fact, we often got the remark "...we should become home inspectors because we had such keen eyes."

Who would have figured that one day we would do just that, plus one! It's amazing how a hobby can become a calling.

Early on in life, I loved helping my friends find the "impossible residence" based on their wants, needs, and budget. I'd meet the challenge 90% of the time. Fast forward, I realized that I have real estate superpowers that I could use to help more people. Thus, I became both a realtor and inspector. I thoroughly enjoy being a realtor and an inspector. As I'm able to see the same property through dual perspectives and provide vital information to my clients based on my acquired knowledge and skillsets.

Professional Background

I have a wide range of experience both in the front lines and as management, as well as an entrepreneur. As an IT Buyer for fortune 500 and smaller companies, I have seen and experienced the difference between having and not having a strong business partner involved in the venture. It's through those experiences that I truly understood that it matters whom you align yourself with.

This is why I work hard to be that strong business partner for you. I provide three core essentials to my clients, transparency, communication, and strategy.

I like for my clients to have an understanding of what, they are obtaining, so they can know how to take care of their investment.


As a TREC dual agent (Realtor and Professional Inspector), I can not service my client on both sides of a single transaction.  Meaning if I'm your realtor, then I only operate as your realtor. I can not be your realtor on your contract and be your inspector for that same transaction. 

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HillGra Real Estate Services 

5773 Woodway Dr. Suite 33

Houston, TX 77057


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